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Benefits of internal mobility

Offering your workers the opportunity to take on another position within the company has several advantages.

It increases retention

In a tight job market like today, workers have plenty of opportunities.

Before you know it, the people you’ve attracted with so much effort have left.

By giving workers the opportunity to grow and change positions within the company, they don’t have to leave when they no longer feel 100% happy in their current job.

Bottleneck positions are filled faster

“If you have insight into the talents in your organisation, then the gold is there for the taking.” Wenneke Ong

It is often quicker and cheaper to retrain your own worker than to recruit someone externally.

But then you have to get it right. Only if you organise your internal mobility well will you be able to benefit from these advantages. The most important question is: “Is there a good match between the worker and their new position?”

How do you know if there will be a good match
between the person and their new position?

With The Talent Passport and Talent DNA, you solve this problem in 3 steps:


Talent DNA of the position

With the talent scan ‘The Talent Passport’ we measure the talents of your workers who are successful in the position today. The Talent DNA algorithm determines the characteristic talents and corresponding DNA zones of the position based on this reference group.


Talent profile of the candidate

We measure the talents of the internal candidate by means of their individual Talent Passport.



The matching algorithm calculates the match between the talents of the internal candidate and the characteristic talents (the Talent DNA) of the position in your organisation.

The matching algorithm is not a ‘black box’ that makes a categorical decision – match or no match. The result of the matching is displayed with a percentage and also indicates where the match or mismatch lies. This way you can easily compare when you have different internal candidates and also have a meaningful conversation with each candidate.

The Talent House as the ultimate facilitator of internal mobility

The Talent House is the innovative other half of the traditional Function House. With the traditional Function House, every position in your organisation has a job description with a corresponding competency profile. With the Talent House, every position also has its Talent DNA.

When you have such a Talent House, your workers can match their personal talent profile with the various positions in your company.

A good talent match means that the person is cut out for that position. Based on the competency profile, you can then see what further training or retraining is needed. But you can now be sure of one thing, that your investment in training is a safe investment.