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When you start working with your talents, you feel that the gap between what you do and who you are is reduced. That gives you energy and a sense of meaning.

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Developed in collaboration with the University of Antwerp

Job choices and career choices are important decisions in your life. You want to be able to make such decisions with confidence. The online questionnaire of The Talent Passport was developed in collaboration with the University of Antwerp in 2011. Based on continuous analysis of the Talent Passport data, in 2021 we developed the Talent DNA (job profiling based on talents) and the person-job matching algorithms, in collaboration with the University of Antwerp.

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The Talent passport

Perhaps the best talent test ever.

The Talent DNA

We know which job fits you like a glove based on the talent profiles of real people in real jobs.

More than 140 coaches who have already given over 10.000 professionals more meaning in their job and their lives.

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Comments from some of our coaches

Wenneke Ong

“For me, it’s the best tool ever for coaches and HR professionals.“ I have been using The Talent Passport with hundreds of clients for some time. It has led to an incredible number of breakthroughs.

Lotje Vis

The #TalentPassport gives such a clear view of what motivates you and gives you energy. With your Talent Passport at hand, you can choose more specifically which work/employer suits you and also present yourself more clearly and recognisably to potential employers.

Karin Menkehorst

Every time, discussing the #TalentPassport with my clients is a party. Grateful that I can do this great work. On to even more radiant clients in the new year!

Claudia Wellink

The Talent Passport gives both worker and organisation an impulse to take stock. Respond to what is current. So that everyone can work with their talents. Then everything functions optimally!

Bart van Laethem

I am pleased to see that more and more coaches are specifically asking about the Sports Talent Passport, with only one goal in mind… to better attune to their athlete and discover what the athlete needs to maximise their potential!

Erik de Haar

“Suddenly my own words get more deeper meaning and I understand my own drives better. I also feel that I have become more consciously competent. Actually, what I do has become much more enjoyable now. And I’m in the right place for me. Profoundly valuable!” Words from a grateful Talent Passport client. I have a great job right?

Esther Portier MBA

With the Talent Passport we can work preventively instead of expending energy on symptom control. If the symptoms are still there, the Talent Passport provides insight into how and why you have become out of balance. If you want to prevent burnout or you need burnout guidance, please send us an email.

Andries Boer MBA

The Talent Passport used for two young people who are exploring options for further education and their future career. They say, “I know what I can do, but I want to know what drives me.” “I want to know myself well before I commit to a training course or a job”. It turns out well. Both parents also want a Talent Passport, for themselves and their conversations together with the children. And they wonder why this is not included more as standard in the school curriculum.

Marijke van Heusden

Today I received a nice recommendation from a client that I would like to share. Why? Because I am enthusiastic about the Talent Passport of Peter Monsieurs. Because I love coaching outdoors. Because I see how happy it makes people.

Yvonne van Hilten

“With Yvonne I followed the coaching programme which included The Talent Passport. This came at the right time because I felt that I had lost my ‘internal compass’ in terms of work but also in my private life. Where do I get energy from, what are my drives, what and who costs me energy, what makes me happy and where does my happiness come from? What do I want to develop and build on further and what do I have to say goodbye to because it simply costs me too much energy? These are all questions that The Talent Passport has given me answers to.”

Karin Menkehorst

I got the job! I just received an email from a client I spoke to last week. She wanted insight into her talents. So last week we discussed her #TalentPassport and her work values at length. During the interview, she was able to describe what #talents she has and what she finds important in a job. How cool is that!


21 February 2024

What are my talents?

17 October 2023

First your talents. Then your competencies.

11 April 2023

The talentDNA of a job. A breakthrough in recruitment and finding the job of your life?


  • What is the difference between The Talent Passport and other talent tests?

    1. The Talent Passport compares you with all other people (normative test).
    Most talent tests are ipsative tests (ipse means “self” in Greek), so these tests take yourself as a reference. This way you discover your personal preferences but not your talents.
    2. The Talent Passport is reliable and valid.
    Most talent tests are presented as being “reliable”. However, creating a reliable questionnaire is not that difficult. But creating a valid questionnaire is difficult. Because to be valid, you have to be able to demonstrate that you measure things that really exist, with real people in real jobs. For example, with The Talent Passport we can distinguish professions from each other based on their characteristic talents (Talent DNA).
    3. The Talent Passport measures your WORKing talents.
    To do this, you need to distinguish between your emotional, rational and physical talents. Methods that list talents without distinguishing between your emotional, rational and physical talents cannot give you insight into your actual WORKing talents.

  • Why can I only get my Talent Passport through a certified coach?

    We take your talents seriously. Knowing your talents helps you make important decisions about your career and your life. The results in your Talent Passport are crystal clear, but there is much more to it than you might think at first glance. Our certified coaches will help you get the most out of your Talent Passport #becauseyouareworthit. Our Talent Passport coaches also have specific expertise in areas such as career guidance, burnout, leading a team and recruitment. You can find the right coach for you at “Find your coach” or contact us if you would like advice on this.