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Pontis BVBA respects the privacy of his website visitors and will treat all personal data and answers received through this website as confidential. This data will be used to create a Talent Passport. Your results can be used in an anonymous way for further research activities. Pontis BVBA will never give any of your data to other third parties. Following the Belgian law, you can ask insight in your personal data and you can ask to correct or delete your data. You can make use of this right by sending a written request, dated and signed, together with a recto/verso copy of your ID card to Pontis BVBA, Merksemheidelaan 46, 2170 Merksem, Belgium.

Pontis BVBA will act as responsible party for your data, following the Belgian law and the European GDPR policies for the protection of personal data. For any further info you can contact us at

When you register yourself at the website you agree that your first name, last name, e-mail address, gender, country, age, management level and results are stored in a database. When you register yourself you agree that your answers will be used to create a report that calculates your Talent Passport, comparing your scores with all other professionals in the database, that your results will be interpreted and that the report will be send to the e-mail address provided by you.

When you register yourself with an access code you agree that your results will be represented on a graph, using a bullet without any personal information, together with the results of all other people who registered themselves with the same access code. When you register yourself with an access code you agree that all people using the same access code will receive this group graph. When you register yourself with an access code you agree that the report with your results will be send by e-mail to the trainer or coach who has given you your access code.