Mission and vision

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Our mission

What do we do and who is it for? Why do we exist?

Together we make great work of it.


  • Together: We help employers and employees to get the job done together.
  • great: We make sure that there is a great match between the talents of the worker and the role(s) that the employee can and may take on.
  • work: The work is done. The work achieved must ensure that profits are made so that the survival of the organisation is assured.

Our vision

How do we see the future, that’s attractive and better than today?

People are happy going to work because their work is sustainable and gives them the opportunity to have a meaningful life. This can be because of the meaningfulness of the work itself, but also because the work offers opportunities to experience meaning outside of work.

Organisations experience that their workers are committed and worthy of their trust. Profits are made in a sustainable way that recompense the various stakeholders fairly.

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