What are my talents?

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Each of us has natural qualities. These are qualities that you have not had to learn.
Just like a fish can swim and a bird can fly without having to go to school.

The natural qualities that make us unique, different from others, we call our talents.
For example, being caring might be a talent of yours, or being competitive or being orderly.

If you think that you have no talents, then think again. We’re all unique, right?
That’s because we all have natural qualities that others don’t have, or at least not to such a great extent.

Your talents give you the potential to deliver exceptional achievements

But beware, a potential which you don’t invest in, will not deliver much benefit.

Just because you’re naturally caring doesn’t necessarily make you a good nurse.

To become a good nurse, you still need to acquire knowledge and skills. We call this learned knowledge and skills competencies.

When are you at your most powerful?

When you acquire knowledge and skills that are aligned with your talents. When you are at your most powerful, you can excel. Someone who works as hard as you, but doesn’t have your talent, will never be able to match you. When the gap between who you are and what you do is reduced, you just feel good about yourself.

When do you feel your power is draining?

When you learn knowledge and skills that do not fit with your talents. You may be able to give a demonstration of how competent you are, but you notice that the work does not give you pleasure and that it takes a lot of effort. Doing work that does not match your talents is not sustainable. You run the risk that you will see your work as something necessary to earn money, but not as something that can also be meaningful and fulfilling.

With the Talent Passport you will discover your WORKing talents.

Your WORKing talents involve your ‘whole person’, your emotional talents (your drives), your rational talents (your cognitive styles) and your physical talents (your physical aptitude). When there is synergy between your emotional talents, your rational talents and your physical talents, you involve your WORKing talent and you feel in your natural flow.

Would you like to know all the details of the talent model that forms the basis of your Talent Passport?

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