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What is an energy analysis?

The Energy Analysis tool helps you to calculate your energy balance in your work.

Based on your emotional talents, you map out your positive (green) and negative (red) energy in terms of work content and working relationships. This gives you a number to express whether your energy balance at work is positive or negative.

Why do an Energy Analysis?

To be sustainable, your work must give you more energy than it costs. The final balance should therefore be at least slightly positive.

Our advice is to carry out such a personal Energy Analysis every one or two years. If you have carried out an Energy Analysis under supervision once, you can work completely independently in the following years.

By means of job crafting you can restore or improve the energy balance in your work with small interventions. This way you can get yourself a better job without leaving.

“A job in which you can
use your talent gives you energy.”


Several of our Talent Passport coaches are specialists in Energy Analysis and job crafting.
Contact them.