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After a career of 10 years in various management positions at Hewlett Packard Belgium and Hewlett Packard Benelux, Peter Monsieurs founds the Pontis Management School. Pontis provides training and consultancy in the fields of business planning, leadership, working in teams, sales and client focus.


In collaboration with the University of Antwerp, Pontis develops The Talent Passport, an online talent test. In the book “Ontdek je WERKelijke talenten” (Discover your WORKing talents), Peter Monsieurs describes in detail the methodology behind the questionnaire. The book is later published in French “Talents, mode d’EMPLOI”.


After the success of The Talent Passport in the activities of the Pontis Management School, it is decided to open up The Talent Passport to other coaches and trainers. This leads to the start of an international network of certified Talent Passport coaches.


By applying Machine Learning to the talent data collected over 10 years, Pontis develops Talent DNA in collaboration with the University of Antwerp. Talent DNA models jobs based on their characteristic talents. The accompanying matching algorithm now makes it possible to accurately calculate how well a job suits a person based on their talent profile. A revolution in the world of recruitment where until then, only diplomas, experience and competencies were decisive.


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