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What is a Qualities Analysis?

The qualities report translates your talents into observable behaviour.

A quality is a basic behaviour that fits in with your talents. By a basic behaviour we mean a behaviour that mainly comes from within (your nature) and is not acquired from the outside.

You can further develop a quality into a competence by adding knowledge and skills. For example, ‘orderliness’ as a quality can be developed into ‘accounting’, but also into ‘stock management’. Accounting and stock management require different knowledge and skills, but without the quality of ‘orderliness’, accounting or stock management may not be a good fit for you.

TIP: The qualities report is a good basis for doing D. Ofman’s core quadrant exercise. This way you get to know your ‘pitfalls’, ‘allergies’ and ‘challenges’.

Example of
a qualities analysis:

Your qualities are divided into people-related qualities and task-related qualities.

In the quality tables below:


Several of our Talent Passport coaches are specialists in the Qualities Analysis tool and personal development. Contact them.