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“Be surprised by people’s potential.”

What you have to offer as a person is only partly determined by your training or by the work experience you gain. Until now, employers mainly looked at diplomas and competencies to determine whether someone is suitable.

But that’s how we very often miss the potential that is present in people. Good candidates slip through our fingers because we stick to diplomas and competencies.

It’s time to turn the recruitment process on its head. FIRST see if the job really suits the person based on their talents, THEN see what the candidate already knows and what they still have to learn.

How do you know if there will be a good match between the person and the position?

With The Talent Passport and Talent DNA, you solve this problem in 3 steps:


STEP 1: Talent DNA of the position

With the talent scan ‘The Talent Passport’ we measure the talents of your workers who are successful in the position today. The Talent DNA algorithm determines the characteristic talents and corresponding DNA zones of the function based on this reference group.


STEP 2: talent profile of the candidate

We measure the candidate’s talents based on their individual Talent Passport.


STEP 3: matching

The matching algorithm calculates the match between the talents of the candidate and the characteristic talents (Talent DNA) of the position in your organisation.

The matching algorithm is not a ‘black box’ that makes a categorical decision – match or no match. The result of the matching is displayed with a percentage and also indicates where the match or mismatch lies. This way you can easily compare when you have different candidates and also have a meaningful conversation with each candidate.

Example Talent DNA report:

Example matching report:


Several of our Talent Passport coaches are specialists in Talent DNA for recruitment and internal mobility. Contact them.