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“Hire for attitude and train for skills.”

Most companies realise that people are much more than their diplomas and competencies.
That is why they also want to know whether you are cut out for the job. Does the job suit you? Do you fit into the team as a person?

Get the job you want so badly!

With your Talent Passport at hand, you can make the invisible visible. The Talent Passport compares you with all other professionals. This allows you to clearly indicate to your potential employer what you are special in and what your natural qualities are that distinguish you from others. For example, you may be a real team player, or you are naturally very eager to learn. Or maybe strategic thinking is your thing, or you are someone who feels completely in your element in a chaotic environment. The Talent Passport makes it all very clear.

Use The Talent Passport to make your application stand out and get the job you want so badly.


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Several of our Talent Passport coaches are specialists in guiding young people who are looking for a first job or who are in the process of moving from one job to another.
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