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Are you keen to use The Talent Passport
and Talent DNA in your work?

You can do this as a certified Talent Passport coach or as a Distributor.

Certified Talent Passport coach

You take a course at the Pontis Management School or with your local Distributor. After the course, you can take out a licence on The Talent Passport. This licence gives you access to the online platform so that you can set up the talent test and manage the results completely independently. You also have access to the additional tools of The Talent Passport namely, Team Analysis, Qualities Analysis and Energy Analysis. If you are interested in recruitment, you can do additional training on Talent DNA.

The licence for The Talent Passport and Talent DNA has many advantages for you. For example, there is no annual fixed fee and no annual minimum number of tests.

As a certified Talent Passport coach, you have access to the online coach community and you can count on expert support from your distributor.


Do you want to contribute to the international growth of the Talent Passport? You can also become a national distributor. A Distributor trains local Talent Passport coaches and is responsible for the promotion and sale of the Talent Passport in their network.

As a distributor you will receive professional support from the Pontis Management School.

Sector-specific solutions

In collaboration with experts, a modified version of The Talent Passport was developed for sports and for driving schools.

The Sports Talent Passport

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