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The Talent Passport is a unique and scientifically based tool to discover your WORKing talents. You can create your individual Talent Passport as a person and you can also create your Team Talent Passport as a team.

Many work-related questionnaires measure your competencies, not your talents. Competencies indicate how well you can do something. However, when you measure competencies, you only get a snapshot, i.e. “Where am I now?”

Your Talent Passport does not tell you where you are now, it tells you where your potential lies.

The building blocks of your potential are your drives, passions and cognitive styles. Together they form your talents.

Online questionnaire

To create your unique Talent Passport, you complete an online questionnaire of 120 questions. This takes an average of about 25 minutes. This enables you to discover your passions and your aptitude. Based on your answers, we compare you with all the other professionals in the database. The fact that we compare you to everyone else is really special. Many popular personality tests with colours only reflect your personal preferences and say nothing about the talents that make you special.

Expert guidance

The Talent Passport is only made available with expert guidance. Our certified coaches can help you individually or as a team to tackle issues for which discovering and deploying your talents brings added value. Ask our coaches about their specific expertise in career guidance, stress and burnout prevention, team building, life coaching, personal development, study choice, change processes, recruitment, internal mobility, sustainable working, etc.

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