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Which job suits me?

At some point, we all ask ourselves this question. Certainly, at the beginning of our career, but also when we have been working for a while, there comes a time when we ask ourselves: “Is this it now? Am I going to do this job for the rest of my life?”


What are the criteria people use to evaluate whether a (new) job suits them? Traditionally, salary, work atmosphere, job security, work-life balance and location are decisive in the choice of an employer. (Source: Randstad employer brand research 2023).

Nevertheless, we are seeing a strong increase in dissatisfaction with our jobs, especially among young people (source: ALAN survey 2023). A well-paid job close to home is no guarantee of job satisfaction. The number of workers who drop out for a long time continues to rise and people talk about bore-out and burnout as if they were epidemics. So do we look at the right things to see if a job suits us? Especially in a context in which we all (have to) work longer and longer, it is worthwhile thinking about this.

Sustainable work as a solution

Sustainable work is work that does not make you ill (psychologically and physically) and that you experience as meaningful. Sustainable work generates enthusiasm to work and to achieve. Work can only be sustainable if there is a good match between your natural qualities (your talents) and your work. When you can deploy your talents in your job, it feels like the gap between who you are and what you do is reduced. This creates a connection between you and your work. This connection gives oxygen to motivation, commitment and development.

To know which work is sustainable for you, you need to know your talents. And you need to know if there is scope in your job to deploy your talents. Creating your Talent Passport and the Talent DNA will help you to answer these questions.

welke job past bij mij

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