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“Why you shouldn’t manage your time but your energy.”

dr. Emma Op den Kamp

A burnout is an energy disorder that is usually caused by work. Burnout is preceded by a process of chronic overload. What you give to the job and get back no longer feels balanced.

Source: https://overheid.vlaanderen.be/personeel/welzijn/van-stress-naar-burn-out

Energy Analysis tool

“What you give to the job and what you get back no longer feel balanced.”

The difficult part lies in the word ‘feels’.

For two people with the same objective workload, the subjective work pressure can feel very different.

To get a good insight into this subjective feeling of balance/imbalance, we use the Energy Analysis tool of The Talent Passport.

Based on your emotional talents, you map out your positive (green) and negative (red) energy in terms of work content and working relationships. This gives you a number to express whether your energy balance at work is positive or negative. See figure below:

Why an Energy Analysis?

To prevent burnout, your work must give you more mental energy than the energy it costs. The final balance should therefore be at least slightly positive.

Our advice is to carry out a personal Energy Analysis once every year or two years. Once you have done an Energy Analysis under supervision, you can do it completely independently in the following years.

By means of job crafting you can restore or improve the energy balance in your work with small adaptations. This gives you a better job but without leaving.

Several of our Talent Passport coaches are specialists in the Energy Analysis tool and job crafting.

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“A job where you can
deploy your talent gives you energy.”