Het talentenpaspoort | Wat zijn talenten

Nowadays, the word ‘talent’ has many connotations. Read 10 different texts about talent, and you will probably find 10 different definitions. Who can still see the forest for the trees?

That is why the Talent Passport uses the unique concept of “WORKing talent”.

Your WORKing talents are those natural traits:

  • that give you energy at work
  • that make you unique in comparison to other professionals
  • that constitute your potential for excellence.



Your WORKing talents are traits you were born with or that you developed unconsciously at a very young age. These traits are very stable and cannot be consciously altered during adulthood.

You can consider the collection of your WORKing talents as a rich breeding ground, your natural potential. But only by investing in your potential will you be able to reap a harvest.
In practice, investing in your potential means acquiring knowledge and skills which allow your talents to flourish. One thing is certain. When you invest in your talents, not only will you optimise your performance, you will also experience true pleasure in doing so.

There is a difference between skill and talent. Master the skill to let the talent out.

Would you like to know more about the unique "WORKing talent” concept? Then, read the book “Ontdek je WERKelijketalenten” (Discover your WORKing talents) by Peter Monsieurs. Available at bol.com and in bookstores.

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