Boek: Ontdek je werkelijke talenten

The book “Ontdek je WERKelijke talenten” (Discover your WORKing talents) by Peter Monsieurs offers you a unique approach to discovering, and working with, your WORKing talents, as an individual or as a team. This scientifically based method, developed in cooperation with the University of Antwerp, starts from an original and elucidating consideration of what talent precisely is.

How can you discover your WORKing talents?

To discover your WORKing talents, you must compare your potential with the potential of all other professionals.

Only the potential you possess that is distinct from the potential of others is an WORKing talent. This approach differs from the widespread feel-good methods in which you assign yourself your own talents by ticking them in checklists, choosing talent cards or completing questionnaires. With these methods, you are really only ranking your own inclinations.

Each one of us is unique, and so we all have WORKing talents. Professionals who utilise their WORKing talents will find satisfaction and success in their work and, therefore, excel in a sustainable way.

The book “Ontdek je WERKelijketalenten” (Discover your WORKing talents) by Peter Monsieurs is available at and in bookstores.

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